Hi, we’re Movely

Cloud-based software solutions for the

Australian property management industry

Built on passion and ingenuity Founded in 2016, Movely was started with a very simple goal: use leading edge technology to make property managers more efficient in their jobs. We believe that the property manager is the key to a successful rental market, and we aim to constantly enhance and support this role.

Whilst there’s a huge variety of rental software on the market, it’s clear that most products are outdated. The available tools on the market only do one small part of the job, and don’t work well with other systems. Agencies are then forced to pay for multiple different systems and then manually patch things together themselves. The whole process is prehistoric and horribly inefficient.

Movely solves this problem by providing Australia’s first end-to-end property management solution. Instead of multiple different systems doing small, independent parts of the job, Movely is all you’ll need need from the time you list your property, right through to signing of the tenancy agreement.

To the day, Movely continues to innovate, by working hand-in-hand with leading property managers. The platform is regularly updated based on feedback from the industry, ensuring we’re always adding new features to help PMs do their job better.

Movely’s success is measured by one simple metric: the more satisfied landlords you can serve with less effort, the more successful we have been. That was true in the beginning, and it’s what we continue to strive for to the day.

Movely is 100% Australian owned and operated, with its full team of engineers, sales and real estate professionals based in Melbourne.