Australia’s Best Property Managers use Movely

The future of property management, let Movely help you lead from the front of the pack

How Movely Works

Movely is the only tool your office needs to streamline the process of getting tenants into properties.

  • Start engaging with applicants from the time they come through your inspections, and provide them with an easy to use tenant application form.
  • Access a handy and simple interface to manage incoming applications, with all the tools you need to communicate with landlords in the tenant selection process.
  • Utilise revolutionary technology that automatically checks and validates tenant references, and then provides you detailed dashboards with insights into who your best applicants are.

Open For Inspection Manager

Engagement with potential applicants starts at the inspection. Enter their details and Movely does the rest.

Tenant Ranking

Get automatic insights into who your best applicants are so you’re always getting the best possible tenants

Automated Reference Checks

How much time do you or your agency spend on reference checks every week? Let Movely take care of this for you.

Streamlined Tenant Applications

Streamlined tenant applications that take only 5 minutes to complete, means more complete applications in your inbox quicker.

Application Manager

Rid your life of paper once and for all! View and manage all listings and applicants from anywhere on any device.

Landlord Manager

Fast-track landlord review and approvals, and get tenants into properties quicker – all automated by Movely.

Movely, the customisable property management platform. Make the move.